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Tulamben is located in the far north east coast of Bali, around 2 hours drive from the southern area (Kuta, Legian and Seminyak) or 1.5 hours drive from Sanur.

Tulamben has some of the best scuba diving sites in all of Bali and is famous for the US Liberty shipwreck which is a great dive site for beginners or experience divers.

Another good scuba dive site in Tulamben is called the Coral Garden and is accessible from the beach at Tulamben. See more details of the Coral Garden dive site at the bottom of this page.

US Liberty Shipwreck Scuba Diving at Tulamben Bali


The USAT Liberty was a US navy cargo ship which was built in the first world war and then sunk off the coast of Bali by the Japanese during the second world war in January 1942. The ship is 120m long and is located just a short swim from the beach. The highest point of the ship is around 5 meters below sealevel and the deepest point is around 30 meters.

When the ship was first sunk the locals brough the ship onto the beach where it sat for many years until in 1963 a volcanic eruption at Gunung Agung and the subsequent earth tremors pushed the ship back into the water where it currently rests.

There are loads of different types of fish and marine life around the USAT Liberty shipwreck including some of the larges types of fish incluing Napolean Fish and Bumphead Parrot Fish. At the deeper points of the shipwreck you can see some harequin shrimp.

The Coral Garden Scuba Diving at Tulamben Bali


The Coral Garden dive site at Tulamben Bali is a great dive site for all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced. The Coral Garden is located directly infront of Dive Paradise Bungalows.

Around 20 meters from the beach front the locals have installed a number of statues and pagodas which you will find at around 12 meters below sea level.

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