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Jimbaran Bay is only 15 - 20 minutes from Kuta depending on traffic. It is home the seafood restaurants which line the beach front with perfect view of the sunset. The restaurants at Jimbaran Bay offer free pick up and drop off from your hotel in Kuta, Nusa Dua and Tuban. If you want to travel there and then choose a taxi will cost you around 40,000-50,000Rp. The taxi will either wait for you so they can take you back to your hotel or the restaurants can arrange transport for you for 50,000Rp.


Restaurants in Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay Restaurants

There are around 20 seafood restaurants along the beach in Jimbaran Bay. All with pretty much the same selection of seafood. You will need to bargain for your dinner. Make sure you have settled on a price before you sit down as they will charge you full price (very expensive) if you just seat and eat and wait for the bill. All the restaurants have a menu with prices of seafood by the kilo (for example 275,000Rp per kilo for Tiger Prawns) and you choose how much you want. You order the seafood and the prices include soup, rice and vegetables. If you ask for a discount they will take off 25% straight away or more for large groups.

Remember when the weight of the seafood is not the same as after it is cooked. To give you an idea 4 of the large Jumbo prawns weighed 800 grams and was enough for a meal for 1 person.

Jimbaran Bay jumbo prawns

Most restaurants have showers in their bathrooms so you can go down late afternoon for a swim in the ocean and shower before sitting down to a great seafood meal.

Jimbaran Bay restaurants Bali

Seafood Markets in Jimbaran Bay

As you come into Jimbaran Bay, if you drive past all the restaurants you will come to the Jimbaran Bay Seafood Markets. Out the front are all the fishing boats that have brought in their catch of the day. All the seafood is setup under a large tent.

Jimbaran Bay Seafood Markets

Fish for sale at the Jimbaran Bay Seafood markets

Seafood markets at Jimbaran Bay

Last updated 6th December 2015

Sunset over Jimbaran Bay Bali

Sunset over Jimbaran Bay

Fishing boats at Jimbaran Bay

Fishing boats out the from the Jimbaran Bay seafood markets

Some of the seafood restaurants at Jimbaran Bay include:

Dewata Cafe Ph: (0361) 704 050 or 0813 3860 6492

Blue Marlin Cafe Ph: (0361) 702 242

Langsam's Jimbaran Beach Club Ph: (0361) 703 349

Melasti Kedonganan Cafe Ph: (0361) 808 3888 or email

New Matahari Cafe Ph: (0361) /p>

Gekko Tiram Cafe Ph: (0361) 702 999

The food served at all the restaurants in Jimbaran Bay is mostly the same - grilled seafood. Some have a bit of variation on the menu though most have the large BBQ out the back of the restaurant. My advice to anyone visiting Jimbaran Bay is to negotiate the prices of the meal before you go inside a seat. Some of the restaurant owners have become a bit greedy and charge a fortune for their seafood. They know you have travelled to Jimbaran Bay and if you have already settled into a seat at their restaurant you are less likely to move to another restaurant. Bargain the price at the front of the restaurant and if you are not happy with the prices walk next door to the next restaurant.

Jimbaran Bay grilled bbq seafood


Accommodation / Hotels in Jimbaran Bay

Following is a list of hotels and resorts in Jimbaran Bay:

Click here for a full list of hotels in Jimbaran Bay

Sari Segara Resort (reviews) a 3 star hotel just across the road from the beach and at the beginning of all the seafood restaurants. A lovely resort with 2 great swimming pools. Room rates from US$68 per night. For more photos, online bookings and hotel reviews for Sari Segara Resort click here.

Sari Segara Resort Jimbaran Bay Bali

Keraton Jimbaran Resort and Spa (reviews) is a boutique resort located right next to seafood restaurants on Jimbaran Bay. With 102 rooms and private villas surrounded by tropical gardens and a large lagoon swimming pool. Room prices from US$125 per night including breakfast. For more photos, online reservations and hotel reviews for Keraton Jimbaran Resort and Spa click here.

Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bay Bali

Pat-Mase Villas (reviews) have luxury 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villas with private swimming pools. Located 2 minutes from the beach at Jimbaran Bay. Room prices start from US$141 per night including breakfast. For more photos, online reservations and hotel reviews for Pat-Mase Villas click here.

Pat-Mase Villas Jimbaran Bay Bali

InterContinental Bali (reviews) 5 star beachside resort located right on Jimbaran Bay. With prices from US$193 per night including breakfast. For more photos, online reservations and hotel reviews for InterContinental Bali click here.

InterContinental Bali Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Puri Bali (reviews) luxury resort located at the beachfront in Jimbaran Bay with cottages and private villas with swimming pools. Room prices from US$357 per night. For more photos, online reservations and hotel reviews for Jimbaran Puri Bali click here.

Jimbaran Puri Bali Jimbaran Bay Bali

Jimbaran Bay Villas offer 2 and 3 bedroom villas from US$

Four Seasons Hotel (reviews) with private villas overlooking Jimbaran Bay with private swimming pools. Prices from US$408 including breakfast. For more photos, online reservations and hotel reviews for the Four Seasons Hotel click here.

Four Seasons Hotel Jimbaran Bay Bali

Karma Jimbaran Villa (reviews) luxury resort located in the hills overlooking Jimbaran Bay. With 1 - 6 bedroom villas available with private swimming pools. Free WiFi internet access. Villa prices start from US$482 per night including breakfast. For more photos, online reservations and hotel reviews for Karma Jimbaran Villas click here.

Karma Jimbaran Villa Jimbaran Bay Bali

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Sunset over Jimbaran Bay April

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