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These are a collection of various stories about travel within Indonesia, the good experiences, the bad experiences, the seriously funny situations you find your self in and some of the cultural difference which seem peculiar to us 'bule' (foreigners) though just part of normal life in Indonesia. If you have a story to contribute click here to contribute.

Story Name                                                               Contibuted by           Date

Riding in a becak in Indonesia                       Scott                 12th July 2009

Stung by a nasty in Bukit Lawang                   Scott                 10th July 2009

Asking for directions in Indonesia                   Dave                  9th July 2009

Nightlife in Jakarta                                        Phil                    7th July 2009

Massage in Bali                                             Scott                  6th July 2009

In search of Gajah in Sumatra (Elephants)       Scott                  5th July 2009

Helping a poor girl in Bali                              Valerie             27th June 2009

Trans Sumatran Highway trip                         Scott                25th June 2009

Hello Mister                                                  Steve               25th June 2009


Do you have a story to contribute? Fill in the form below or you can email your story to scott (at) sumatra-indonesia (dot) com All submissions are anonymous and no personal details are revealed (email will not be posted).



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