Best Cafes in Kuta

For coffee lovers there are some great cafes in Kuta where you can get a great latte, cappacino or espresso. Along with casual dining food options these coffeeshops are for sitting back and relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle of Kuta Bali. Check out the Best Cafes in Nusa Dua:


Crumb and Coaster Kuta

Crumb and Coaster is the sort of cafe you sit back and relax. With cool interior design and large comfy chairs, the coffee serves up some of the best coffee in Kuta. Located on Jalan .

As well as great coffee, Crumb and Coaster serve up a range of freshly baked pastries and cakes and also have a full food menu.

Check out the Crumb and Coaster website

Crumb and Coaster Cafe in Kuta Bali

Bemo Corner Coffee Shop in Kuta

Bemo Corner Coffee Shop is my favourite place to go for a good breakfast in Kuta. Serving up a great range of breakfasts including great bacon and eggs with toast. They have a range of coffees at reasonable prices and have indoor airconditioned dining or tables and chairs out the front of the restaurant.

Bemo Corner Coffee Shop is located on Jalan Pantai, located right next to Bemo Corner. With free WiFi internet access.

Bemo Corner is open 7 days a week from 8am - 9pm.

Check out the Bemo Corner Coffee Shop website

Bemo Corner Coffee Shop in Kuta Bali

Memorial Cafe in Kuta

Located just down from the Bali Bomb Memorial is Memorial Cafe located on Jalan Legian. With airconditioned dining, Memorial Cafe has a great range of coffee using different coffee beans from all over Indonesia including Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kintamani in Bali.

Memorial Cafe has a great range of freshly baked pastries and cakes on disaply in the front counter as well as loads of different flavoured gelato ice-cream. They also have a full food menu. With free WiFi.

Memorial Cafe Kuta Bali

Cafe Sardinia in Kuta

Cafe Sardinia is a full dining restaurant cafe which serves up excellent coffee, cocktails and their full food menu include a great range of tasty tapas dishes.

Cafe Sardinia is located at the front of the Beach Walk Shopping Mall with views over Jalan Pantai across to Kuta Beach. The front seats have a great vantage point for some quality people watching.

Cafe Sardinia has free WiFi and airconditioned dining inside.

Cafe Sardinia Kuta Bali

Gloria Jeans in Kuta

Those from Austrlia will be familiar with the Gloria Jeans Coffeeshop. Gloria Jeans has 2 cafes in Bali, one in Kuta located on Jalan Pantai heading down to the beach, and the other located in Legian.

The Gloria Jeans in Kuta has a great range of fresh pastries and desserts and a selection of sandwiches and other meals.

Gloria Jeans has free WiFi and airconditioned dining inside and table and chairs out front in a small courtyard.

Gloria Jeans Kuta Bali

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